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At Beauty of Plenty, our massage therapists perform various massages to help you to rejuvenate the body and uplift your mind and soul, also re-energise tired muscles after strenuous activities.

Chinese Massages
Standard Massages including Essential Oil Minutes
Head / Neck / Face 10
Shoulder, Neck, Head 15
Back Shoulders Neck 20
Half Body / Reflexology 30
Full Back & Legs / Arms 45
Foot Soak & Massage 50
Full Body 60
Full Body & Feet 75
Therapeutic Massage 30
Therapeutic Massage 60
Therapeutic Massage 90
Pregnancy Massage 60
Hot Stone Massage 60
Lymphatic Drainage 70
Signature Massage 90
Herbal Medicine oil
Hot Therapy
Cupping or Scraping

Luxury Signature Massages for Men & Women.
Signature Massage (Relaxation or Deep Tissue)
Designed for shoulder, neck, back and head massage for stressed professionals who had worked for a prolonged period to relieve headache and computer-related tensions. Deep relaxing soft or strong pressure will be tailored to suit your need.
Sport & Therapeutic Massage
It is such a powerful treatment with best approach and healing methods to treat chronic back, neck stress & headache, frozen shoulder, hip/knee/ankle/foot problems, spinal & posture problem, muscles & tendon strains, sports related injuries. Massage therapist can detect a wealth of diagnostic information and touch adds a deeply compassionate level to the act of healing. Great for quick releasing stress & pains.
Chinese Therapeutic Massage - Tui Na
Tui Na is such a powerful treatment for pain. Masseur can detect a wealth of diagnostic infomation and touch adds a deeply compassionate level to the act of healing. Chinese massage is living tradition rooted in Yin-Yang, five elements, qi-blood-fluid etc with a unique power to heal disease rather than simply relax the body and relieve tension. Great for quick releasing stress & pains.
Aroma Detox Massage
An invigorating form of deep tissue massage with pre-blended essential oil to transform a sluggish body. Rhythmic strokes encourages the lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic waste products, excess fluid and support the immune system. Perfect for cellulite, Detox, weight loss program and to promote a healthy body.
Tui You (Deep Relaxation) Massage
Supreme pampering gentle deep relaxation chicness massage. Enjoy pure pleasure during a sensuous and warmth massage with natural hot body oil. Enhanced with nurturing gentle touch and long stroke over the body. The benefits is to rebalance your “qi” (energy), and restore its flow to smooth chronic stress related disorders of digestive, respiratory and reproductive system.
Hot Stone Massage
A unique flowing, vibrant and deeply relaxing full body massage. The therapist uses hands and forearm in long fluid strokes of varying rhythm and intensity up and down and all around the body. The benefits of Lomi Lomi enhance all areas of one's health, well-being and self-awareness.
Reflexology Foot Massage
Foot therapy is a deep relaxing massage promotes health and well-being, improves circulation, reduces pain, soothes tired feet and encourages overall healing.
Thai Oil Massage
Combine the benefits of both Deep Oil massage and Traditional Thai massage in this great full body package.
Deep Oil Massage
Our most popular, whole-body massage with warm oil. Locates and releases knots in muscles, relieves pain, and restores energy and flexibility. An excellent choice if you want to tackle some tight spots and leave feeling refreshed.
Traditional Massage
For lovers of robust full body massage. Applies stretches and pressure to your body’s therapy points and energy pathways. Leave restored!
Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic techniques are used to address particular areas of need in your body. Increase circulation in the problem area by loosening muscles and releasing muscle spasm through trigger points. Uses special Thai herb oil and balm and hot herb ball and / or hot stones. Warmed wheat bag applied to neck and feet. Problem dissolving!
Hot Stone Massage
In this full body massage with warm oil and essential oil, your therapist applies a full set of warmed, polished, rounded stones on trigger points around the whole body. Releases heat deep under your skin to melt tension in muscles. Massages your cares away. Warmed wheat bag applied to neck and feet. Choose your preferred firmness level – relaxing through robust. Good any time and great for winter

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